Unofficial Unobtanium - Release page

A simple place to find the latest updates for the unobtanium core client.
by badchoicesz

Latest Change Log!

BadChoicesZ Development Log!

-Extra Update (01/AUG/2018)-
  • Arm Binaries available for testing!

  • -Extra Update (30/JULY/2018)-
  • OSX Binaries now compiled aswell (untested)
  • (sha256sum) be34501582424f6cf6ea57480a455b0e 9c3e77a96a3d2bb8a7eed3c0f5248a52
    • Click here to view release notes!
    • Fixed - Gitian building for linux
    • Compiled - New Linux/Windows and OSX Binaries
    • Fixed - Miniupnpc issue, Branding for Windows Installer. (images/Icons)
    • Hardcoded a new permanent TESTNET IP

    Latest releases!

    The latest releases have all been updated, Fixed and compiled by BadChoicesZ.

    Current Release:

    Warning: Use at your own risk, testing is currently ongoing! (27/07/2018)

    Linux Binaries

  • unobtanium32bit.tar.gz
  • unobtanium64bit.tar.gz

  • Windows Binaries

    Installer Files

  • unobtanium-0.10.4-win32-setup.exe
  • unobtanium-0.10.4-win64-setup.exe

  • Portable Files ( No Setup.exe )


  • OSX Binaries

  • Unobtanium-Qt.dmg

  • Arm Binaries (new)

  • UnobtaniumArm.0.10.4.tar.gz

  • Source (Linux)

  • Source - *OSX/ARM Wasn't built using this source.

  • Note: If you want to verify these are the correct files, the hashes are on the release notes found in doc/release-notes on the Flurbos/UnobtaniumCore github (links above).